Rafael Nadal Withdrew From 2023 French Open


Rafael Nadal Withdrew From 2023 French Open


Nadal confirmed his withdrawal from the 2023 French Open


Rafael Nadal, the famous tennis player, has withdrawn from participating in the 2023 French Open because of a hip injury sustained during the Australian Open in January.

36 years old Nadal declared on Thursday, that he will not play in the upcoming event French Open 2023 also he said that he plans to retire from professional tennis in 2024.

Nadal confirmed that he will be out of the game for a few months, so he will not a part of the French Open 2023 and Wimbledon.

Undoubtedly, the French Open has been conquered more times by Rafa than any other player, with a stunning record of 14 wins in the tournament's history. His overall performance at the Roland Garros in Paris, with a career record of 112-3, must be commended.

Nadal first played at the French Open in 2005 and since then, he had never failed to participate in the event until now.

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    Last Updated On:20-05-2023